About RHA

About RHA

What is RHA?

The Residence Hall Association is a student organization that supports the mission of the Department of Housing to build a stronger residential community and enhance the lives of our residents. RHA offers the chance to make a difference on-campus. As an officer you will have the authority to allocate money, join committees, advocate on important issues, and grow as an individual. You also have the opportunity to lead committees, increase advocating opportunities, and even run for an executive board position! Some benefits include attending conferences, lunch and learns, banquets, and our off-campus retreat. Every resident on campus is a member of the Residence Hall Association. Those who wish to lead their fellow residents can become a Hall Council Officer or Committee Chair. The Residence Hall Association strives to act with our values system, vision statement, and tenets always in mind.


The Georgia Tech Residence Hall Association strives for a more fulfilled resident population through encouraging personal growth, developing leadership, and building community. 


Integrity - Conducting all affairs with unwavering dedication to moral standards

Honesty - Remaining truthful in all circumstances

Unity - Working as one RHA to benefit all residents and build community

Accountability - Being responsible for the actions taken individually and as an organization

Growth - Continuous personal, organizational, and communal improvement


Fostering a firm spirit of leadership, citizenship, and community

Providing a positive cultural, educational, and social atmosphere

Encouraging participation in extracurricular activities

Aiding the housing administrators in improving living conditions

Representing the residents of the Georgia Tech Community