Approval Process

1. Come up with a great idea!

We have tons of resources to come up with great ideas for residential events. RHA is willing to fund, or help fund, any event or program that will benefit Georgia Tech residents. While the majority of our events are only for residents we do participate in some campus wide programming if it specifically targeted toward residents.

2. Research and Write

Research and plan how much your event or program. LC bill submissions require an itemized budget and are generally asked a few questions that include but aren't limited to:

  • How many people and what population will attend your event?
  • What advertising are you or will you do?
  • What is the cost per person of the event?
  • Will this event benefit residents?
  • How many residents do you expect to attend this event? 

3. Submit your bill

Bills must be submitted by 11:59PM on Sunday night to ensure placement Wednesday's meeting agenda in New Business. If your bill is submitted after the deadline it will be in New Business the next week. Use the link to submit a bill in the top menu to access the LC bill submission form.

4. Attend LC (New Business)

Come present your bill at LC when it is in new business. You'll have five minutes to present the basics of the bill and then take questions. You'll have the opportunity to reply to questions immediately or research them to present next week.

LC takes place in the Smithgall Student Services (Flag) Building room 117

5. Attend FOC

The Finance Oversight Commission will review your bill after it has been presented in New Business. They will ask financial related questions and make sure it follows policy located in the RHA Policy Book. FOC meets weekly on Thursdays at 11:00 AM in room 101 of the Smithgall Student Services (Flag) Building.

6. Attend LC (Old Business)

You will first have the opportunity to update LC on any changes to your bill and answer any questions from the proir week that required research. FOC will deliver a report and recommendation based. Representatives will again have the opportunity to ask questions. Legislative Council representatives will have the chance to discuss among themselves the merits of the bill. LC will then pass, fail or modify your bill. To view or download the final version of your bill, please visit the Bill Archive.

LC takes place in the Smithgall Student Services (Flag) Building room 117