Executive Board

The RHA Executive Board is responsible for leading the organization in its goal of building community and enhancing the lives of residents. They are elected each Spring by the Legislative Council. Their responsibilities include advocating for residents to the Department of Housing and other organizations, enforcing policies established by the Legislative Council, and planning for the future of the organization.


The Executive Board meets 3 hours each week to discuss organizational business. To see what they are discussing, view their meeting agendas here. If you would like to be a guest speaker at an Executive Board meeting, email president@rha.gatech.edu.

The entire board may be contacted at rha.exec@rha.gatech.edu. You can also find office hours of each board member here.

President: Shelby Conway

Shelby Conway is a third year Electrical Engineering major. Shelby completely fell in love with RHA while serving as the HHC Hall Council's Programs Chair her first year. She was given the opportunity to get even more involved as the Director of Programming last year before taking on the role of Executive President this year. Shelby is passionate about service to her community and when she is not doing work for RHA, you can find her spending weekends volunteering with her sisters of Omega Phi Alpha. Shelby is also certified in Safe Space, Trans101, and QPR Suicide Prevention trainings offered at Georgia Tech, and is always looking for ways to improve within her role and the operation of the organization as a whole. Please do not hesitate to reach out to her if you have any questions, concerns, or interests you would like to express; she wants to make your voice in the community heard!

She may be contacted at president@rha.gatech.edu

Director of Internal Affairs: Will Carty

Will Carty is a second year Computer Science major pursuing concentrations in devices and intelligence. He became involved in RHA in 2017, serving as the the Finance Chair for the Fitten, Freeman, and Montag Hall Council. Will was first given the opportunity to join the RHA Executive Branch in Spring 2018, when he was appointed to the position of IT Coordinator. Outside of RHA, Will enjoys enjoys gaming, cooking, and watching hockey (Go Caps!). If you ever have any questions or want to chat about RHA, CS, hockey, or anything else, he is available by email and in the RHA Office. He is also always looking for new recipes to try!

He may be contacted at dia@rha.gatech.edu

Director of Finance: Kellie Tracy

Kellie Tracy is a fourth year Business Administration student pursuing a concentration in Finance and a certificate in Accounting. She became involved in RHA in 2016 as the Treasurer of the Folk-Caldwell-Fulmer Hall Council and has been enthusiastic about RHA ever since! Kellie became part of the RHA Executive Branch when she was appointed to the position of the Old Gold Auditor in Spring 2017. She served on the Executive Board as Director of Finance for the 2017-2018 year, and is now serving a second term in the position this year. Kellie is also involved with and passionate about the LGBTQIA Resource Center, as she serves as a Q Chats Facilitator and is Safe Space and QPR trained. When Kellie is not sorting out finance paperwork in the RHA office, she is probably out exploring the wonderful city of Atlanta!

She may be contacted at dof@rha.gatech.edu

Director of Member Engagement: Savannah Horner

Savannah Horner is a third year majoring in Economics and minoring in International Affairs. She informally became involved in RHA as a Brown Representative for the BSH Hall Council her first year. She loved her initial experience, so she ran for Meetings Coordinator for her Undergraduate Apartment her second year. She has made amazing friends and wonderful memories through RHA and is beyond excited to continue making these memories. Savannah is also heavily involved in Love Your Melon, a campus organization that promotes an apparel brand that donates half their profits to pediatric cancer research. She wants everyone to know that she is always available and willing to be a listening ear!

She may be contacted at dme@rha.gatech.edu

Director of Programming: Emmett Miskell

Emmett Miskell is a second year International Affairs major. Last year, he served as HA's Communications Chair for the Fall 2017 semester and was then elected to the Director of Member Engagement position for Spring 2018. Emmett is from Memphis, TN (which he claims is the best city in the United States) and has quite a high standard for barbecue. When not planning DOP events, Emmett enjoys mountain biking, Chick-Fil-A milkshakes, and any kind of pizza without pineapple. Emmett is also QPR and Safe Space trained as of Spring 2018.

He may be contacted at dop@rha.gatech.edu

Director of External Relations: Jordan Baxter

Jordan Baxter is a second year Biology major pursuing a certificate in applied physiology. He became involved in RHA in 2017, serving as the communications chair for Towers/Hanson Hall Council, where he was awarded Communications Chair of the Year by the Executive Board. Through RHA, Jordan held a food drive for those affected by the hurricanes in the fall of 2017. He is also trained in QPR suicide prevention. He loves to talk, so feel free to email him or stop by the RHA office (Flag building 101) to talk about anything! When he is not doing RHA or school work he's usually watching hockey (he is a HUGE Montréal Canadiens fan).​

He may be contacted at der@rha.gatech.edu

Advisor: Larry T Brown

Larry T. Brown is the Coordinator for Leadership and Advising in the area of Staff and Community Development and a great part of his responsibilities is to be the Advisor of the Residence Hall Association and the National Residence Hall Honorary. He is a graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University in Americus, GA with a BS in Chemistry and an MBA in Management. He enjoys traveling, teaching group fitness classes, entertaining friends via social events and spending time with friends and family. As Advisor, he has a passion for assisting students in tapping into their leadership potential, develop their transferable skills and making a difference in the community they serve. Larry T. also works consistently with the Advisors of the Hall Councils keeping them informed on organizational matters, providing developmental opportunities, and setting expectations throughout the year. This year Larry T. will serve as the Advisor for the Georgia Residence Hall Organization (GRHO). Larry T. can be found in the Staff & Community Development suite in the North Avenue Apartments West Building.

He may be contacted at advisor@rha.gatech.edu