Leadership & Awards

The Residence Hall Association is committed to developing our members into better leaders through resources such as the Leadership Track Certification, the Leadership Library, and Leadership Development Account. All resources are open to all residents. For questions or concerns, feel free to email Savannah Horner at dme@rha.gatech.edu.


  • Leadership Track - The RHA Leadership Track is an independent program that anyone in RHA (Hall Council Officers, Residents, and Student Staff Members) can participate in to develop their leadership and to grow personally. The Leadership Track is based off of The Five Practices of The Leadership Challenge, which are: Model the Way, Inspire Shared Vision, Challenge the Process, Enable Others to Act, and Encourage the Heart. Each activity corresponds to one practice, and participants are required to complete one activity for every practice. 
  • Leadership Library - The Executive Board has collected many leadership books for our residents to rent. Submit a request HERE!
  • Leadership Development Account - Need help subsidizing your attempts to become a better leader? Let RHA help! We have an account solely for funding leadership opportunities for our residents


  • Of the Month (OTM) - Awards given to people, things, or programs that made an impact on their community during that month. OTM awards are sponsored by our National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) Chapter, and are submitted through http://otms.nrhh.org. The website also contains OTMs submitted by other schools, so you can browse through them and get ideas for new, exciting programs and initiatives! A guide to submitting and using OTMs is here.
  • Bid Awards - End of the semester and year awards, awarded in whole or in part from bids. Check out the guide for bid awards in this folder!
  • Hall Council of the Year (HCOTY) - Year long competition between all Hall Councils around campus. Check out the point structure here!