About Legislative Council

Legislative Council (LC) is RHA's weekly business meeting. It consists of representatives from each of the 19 hall councils and the RHA executive board. During LC, RHA allocates funds to build community on campus and discusses initiatives going on around campus to improve life for residents. The meeting are open to the public, but only representatives have speaking and voting rights.

Recordings of LC meetings can be found here.

When and Where

LC meets every Wednesday at 9:00PM in room 117 of the Flag Building. We do not meet the first three weeks of school in the fall, or during dead or finals week.

Submitting a Bill

To submit a LC bill, use the link located at the top of the page. Bills that are submitted before 11:59PM on Sundays will be on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting.

Bill Process

Attend the meeting in which your bill will appear in new business. You will have five minutes to present your bill and then you will be asked questions by representatives, generally requesting more detailed information.

After being presented at LC, your bill will be tabled for one week. During this off week, you will recieve an email from the Director of Finance to notify you about the Financial Oversight Commission (FOC) meeting. FOC will meet with you and judge the financial aspects of the bill. They will form a recommendation that will be presented to LC.

Your bill will appear in old business the next LC after presenting (usually a week after presenting at LC). You'll have a chance to update the representatives about anything that has changed and to provide more detailed information that you've researched in the past week. FOC will present their recommendation, the representatives will discuss the merits of your bill and they will either pass, fail or modify your bill.

Getting Your Money

RHA works on a reimbursement process. That means you'll spend your money and we'll pay you back. When spending money make sure to get a receipt, stay within the language of the final passed bill, avoid prohibited items (alcohol, tobacco, gift cards, etc...) and use a tip form for tips.

For more details about how to get reimbursed for expenditures see the reimbursement page.