Benjamin Newberg , RHA Program Resource Manager for Summer 2019 (PRM), will meet with you to find a time to check out and return items during throughout the year. Please contact him at to schedule an appointment.

In order to provide enjoyable and successful programs to the Georgia Tech community, the Residence Hall Association supplies a repository containing a variety of items that can be borrowed. Any resident may request an item from the Resource Garage for an event, but every request will be at the discretion of the Program Resource Manager and the Director of Social Programming. You may view the Resource Garage inventory by clicking on the “Resource Garage Inventory” link on this page. Also, the Resource Garage is housed in a garage adjacent to 633 Techwood Drive on the basement level of Smith Residence Hall.

All requests for Program Resource items should be made no earlier than seven days and no later than three days before the next PRM office hour. If a request is received after this submission period, then the pickup time will be for the next posted PRM office hour following the intended PRM office hour for pickup. The Program Resource Manager will accept Program Resource requests via email if the Program Resource Request form is dysfunctional or inactive. Special appointments can be requested via email only after a Program Resource Request form has been submitted and if the requesting party cannot make means to pickup the requested items during the intended PRM office hour.